Creating a Proposal for ActiveCampaign Projects

30 May. 2023

Creating a well-crafted proposal for ActiveCampaign projects is crucial for success. 


As a top ActiveCampaign reseller, our mission is to help entrepreneurs, digital businesses, and sales teams automate their marketing and sales actions. 


In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating a client-centered statement of work (SoW) that effectively addresses your client's needs and maximizes project outcomes.

1. Recap their History

Begin by demonstrating a clear understanding of your client's business and their current situation. Highlight their history, key achievements, and challenges they have faced. This shows your client that you have taken the time to research and understand their unique context.

2. Mirror the Problem

Identify and reiterate the pain points and challenges your client is experiencing. This step helps your client feel understood and reinforces their confidence in your ability to provide a suitable solution.

3. Share your Solution

Provide a high-level overview of your proposed solution to address the client's problems. Focus on the benefits your solution offers and how it aligns with their specific needs. 


Highlight how ActiveCampaign's features and capabilities will enable them to automate their marketing and sales actions effectively.

4. Describe the Work

Offer a detailed explanation of the steps involved in implementing the proposed solution. Break down the tasks, deliverables, and any milestones along the way. 


This level of transparency reassures your client and establishes a clear project roadmap.


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5. Define Exclusions

Clearly define what is not included in the scope of the project. 


This could include licenses, tech subscriptions, or paid images. Setting these exclusions up front helps manage expectations and avoids potential misunderstandings later.

6. Set Expectations

Describe how success will be measured and what the desired outcomes of the project are. Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and explain how progress will be tracked. 


This ensures both you and the client are aligned on the project's goals and helps build trust.

7. Share the Timeline

Estimate the project's duration and provide a detailed timeline. 


Be as specific as possible, outlining major milestones and deliverable due dates. A well-defined timeline gives your client a clear understanding of the project's progress and allows them to plan accordingly.

8. Drop the Investment

Specify the cost of the project and outline when payment is due. 


Transparency regarding pricing and payment terms builds trust and helps your client make informed decisions. Clearly communicate the value they will receive in return for their investment.

9. Give the Guarantee (Optional)

Consider offering a guarantee of performance to further mitigate your client's risk. 


This assurance demonstrates your confidence in your abilities and commitment to their success.


Creating a client-centered proposal for ActiveCampaign projects is essential for achieving successful outcomes. 


By following these steps, you can craft a comprehensive statement of work that addresses your client's needs and aligns with their goals. 

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