How to Enable ActiveCampaign Round Robin Deal Assignment

21 Oct. 2022
ActiveCampaign Round Robin

If you’re starting to use the Deals CRM in ActiveCampaign for your sales team ..


You need to set up ActiveCampaign round robin deal assignment so you can evenly distribute deals in your pipeline to your reps for smoother processes in your sales funnel and increased revenue.


In this video, we’ll show you how to implement this using ActiveCampaign inside your Wild Mail account ..


Plus why assigning deals on autopilot with this feature could be the difference between closing or losing your next big prospect.


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Hit play below to dive in!



Here’s an overview of what we’ll cover in the video:

Why you’d want to enable round robin

  • Automatic even lead distribution

  • ⚡ S2L


A few quick notes on the round robin feature


  • Even distribution only when all sales people have equal # of assigned deals

  • Uses total assigned deals not total open deals

  • Round robin or distributed based on value

    • “Distributed based on value” - Uses combo of round robin and deal value to ensure everyone gets about the same amount of “value” over time.

    • E.g. Salesperson A gets assigned a deal valued at €50k and the next two deals are worth €25k, then Salesperson B gets both of those deals valued at €25k.


How to set up round robin deal assignment in ActiveCampaign


  • Click the "Deals" button in the right-hand menu to visit the Deals page.

  • Click the pipeline dropdown and select the pipeline you wish to work with. 

    • When the pipeline loads, click the gear icon located next to the pipeline name, then click “Options.”

  • Click the "Group Access" dropdown then select the user group(s) that you plan to assign deals to.

  • Click the "Assignment Method" dropdown and select "Round Robin." Choose the users from the selected group(s) who you want to assign deals to. Click the "Save" button when finished.

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