How to Turn off ActiveCampaign Double Opt-in

13 Oct. 2022
activecampaign turn off double opt in tutorial

Need to turn off your ActiveCampaign double opt-in settings and revert to single opt-in? 


In this quick video, you’ll learn how to do this, and you’ll learn about why you probably never want to do this for your business. 


But first ..


What’s a Double Opt-in vs Single Opt-in

Double opt-in:


A two-step process a contact must go through in order to be added to your list as an active contact so they can begin receiving email campaigns.


  • Submit form. Subscribers are added as “unconfirmed” contacts to your list.

    • 🚨 You cannot send any emails to contacts that have this status and they do not count against your contact limit.

  • Confirm subscription via email. If they click on the confirmation link, their status is changed from “Unconfirmed” to “Active”

    • Now you can send them emails!


Also, you can edit the double opt-in email, learn how to edit emails in ActiveCampaign.

Single opt-in:


  • No confirmation by email.

    • Submit form >> Subscribers are added as “Active” contacts to your list right away


Watch the video below for all of the pros and cons of each!

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