ActiveCampaign vs Wild Mail | Which are the differences?

3 Oct. 2023

There are many doubts about what ActiveCampaign is and whether its version with Wild Mail differs in any way.


It's very common to hear: "What's the difference between ActiveCampaign and Wild Mail?"


To address this, we've created this article to explain their "differences" in detail.

🤔 What is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is a platform specialized in Customer Experience Automation. Its focus is simple: treat every customer as if they were the most important, whether you have 10 or 10 million.


It offers a range of tools designed to enhance your users' experience and effectively scale your business through email marketing. With these tools, each user can receive a unique email based on their behavior and/or information.

Key ActiveCampaign features:

1. Email Marketing: ActiveCampaign allows you to create effective email campaigns with custom templates, A/B testing, audience segmentation, and an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.


2. Marketing Automations: With features like Lead Scoring, website tracking, and action flows, you can automate key processes and reach your customers at the right moment.


3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Manage your contacts and opportunities, handle sales pipelines, and efficiently track tasks and reminders.


4. Sales Automations: Track opportunities, send personalized transactional emails, and leverage its integration with other sales tools.

🧐 What is Wild Mail?

In simple terms, Wild Mail is the same software as ActiveCampaign. There are no changes in its features, pricing, or servers. It's exactly the same tool.


For European businesses, Wild Mail is presented as a localized version of ActiveCampaign with exceptional benefits:


  • European Support: With Wild Mail, you have localized support and premium customer support, with responses in less than an hour to address your queries.


  • Wildmetrics: An additional add-on, Wild Mail offers Wildmetrics, a free metrics application for ActiveCampaign that helps you track and analyze your campaigns effectively.


  • ActiveCampaign Training: Wild Mail also provides courses and specialized training in ActiveCampaign, allowing you to make the most of this powerful tool.


  • ActiveCampaign Training and Consulting Calls: You can meet with our team and address any questions you have in free 45-minute sessions.

FAQ about ActiveCampaign or Wild Mail:

Are they the same software

Yes, Wild Mail is essentially a localized and adapted version of ActiveCampaign for the European market.


Who is responsible for my data

ActiveCampaign is responsible for your data; Wild Mail does not have access to ActiveCampaign's servers or code.


Can Wild Mail affect the operation of ActiveCampaign?

No, Wild Mail operates independently and does not affect the functioning.


Are they the only reseller in the world

Although we are the largest reseller in the Spanish-speaking market, we are not the only one worldwide.

Why is it useful to use Wild Mail?

  • You receive specialized training for your team handling ActiveCampaign.


  • You get advice and direct insights from experts with over 7 years of experience in ActiveCampaign and Digital Marketing.


  • Because it helps you solve challenges in your marketing strategies.


  • It helps improve support and communication from your current email marketing provider.


  • It helps explore collaboration opportunities in the email marketing and digital business field.


If you're still having question, you can jump into a call with our team → Book Call.

What is Wild Mail?

Wild Mail is ActiveCampaign for European companies with extra benefits:

  • We are Europe-based serving European companies

  • Best-in-class ActiveCampaign training

  • Our free email analytics app for ActiveCampaign

  • Premium & localised support in less than 1h

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