ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program: Earn $1350 per referral

6 Jun. 2023

Are you looking for an incredible opportunity to earn passive income? Look no further than the ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program. As a top reseller of ActiveCampaign worldwide, we are excited to share with you how you can earn a whopping $1350 per referral. 


Let's dive in and explore this lucrative program.

🤔 What is the ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program?

The ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program allows you to earn a recurring commission of 20-30% by referring your audience. By simply sharing your free referral link, you can start earning money. For every ActiveCampaign customer who signs up through your link, you will receive a minimum of 20% of their subscription price.


For example, if a referral pays $100 this month, you earn $20


If they pay $1000 a month, you receive $200


It's that straightforward. 


It's important to note that the affiliate program focuses on generating leads, whereas the reseller program involves sales and support provided by you.

🚀 Benefits of ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program

1. Increased Earnings Potential: The more customers you refer, and the longer they remain active, the more you can earn. With up to a 30% commission rate, your earning potential knows no bounds.


2. Global Reach: ActiveCampaign is available in 15 languages and serves customers in 170 countries. You have the opportunity to tap into a vast international market, expanding your referral network.


3. Trusted Platform: ActiveCampaign has earned a top-rated status in multiple G2 categories. You can confidently promote a platform that is trusted and respected by businesses worldwide.


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How to Get Affiliates

1. Leverage Your Network: Reach out to your clients and people within your network who may benefit from ActiveCampaign. Personal recommendations can be powerful motivators for potential affiliates.


2. Utilize an Existing Audience: If you have an existing audience, whether it's through a blog, social media, or email list, educate them about the benefits of ActiveCampaign and encourage them to sign up through your referral link.


3. Create Valuable Content: Develop helpful ActiveCampaign content on social media platforms and attract referrals organically. Share tips, tutorials, and success stories to showcase the platform's value.


4. Paid Advertising: Consider investing in paid ads to reach a wider audience. Target specific demographics and keywords to maximize your visibility and attract potential affiliates.

In conclusion, the ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program presents an incredible opportunity to earn $1350 per referral. 


As a top ActiveCampaign reseller, we are committed to helping entrepreneurs, digital businesses, and sales teams automate their marketing and sales actions. Join us in this profitable endeavor and unlock your potential for financial success. 


Start your journey with the ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program today!

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