ActiveCampaign Shopify Deep Data Integration

5 Sep. 2023

If you already have a Shopify store, or you are thinking of starting to use it, you should discover the Deep Data Integration between Shopify and ActiveCampaign!


Let's discover the potential to use both.

🤔 What are Deep Data Ecommerce Integrations?

Deep Data e-commerce integrations, like the one with Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, go beyond the basics. 


They retrieve a wealth of data that standard integrations just can't match. For instance, you get access to essential information like the total number of orders, providing you with valuable insights to fuel your marketing and sales strategies. 


These integrations also automatically structure the data, making it easier to manage and utilize. This means auto-creation of tags and custom fields, with the data seamlessly recognized as ecommerce-specific.


Moreover, Deep Data integrations empower you to take action swiftly. For instance, you can segment your customer base effectively, ensuring your marketing efforts are precisely targeted.

➡️ How to Connect Your Shopify Store

Getting started is a breeze:


1. Navigate to Settings >> Integrations.

2. Add an Integration >> Choose Shopify >> Connect.

🎯 What Data Do You Receive?

Once your integration is in place, you'll receive a treasure trove of valuable data, including:


  • Synced order information

  • Insights into abandoned carts

  • Access to Shopify tags and custom fields

🤖 What’s Possible with the Integration?

The possibilities are endless:

  • You can kick-start an automation when a contact places an order from your ecommerce store


  • Personalize your campaigns and automation emails with Deep Data, and even utilize conditional content for maximum impact


  • Leverage ActiveCampaign's Ecommerce segment conditions to fine-tune your targeting


  • Make the most of your newfound insights to recover abandoned carts, turning potential losses into revenue.


If you want to know more about this epic integration, make sure to watch our YouTube tutorial about this topic:

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