How To Replicate Tony Robbin’s Million-Dollar Coaching Sales Funnel

26 Dec. 2022



  • [Tip #1]: How Tony Robbins Built A Coaching Sales Funnel That Generates Him Millions

  • [Tip #2]: What Tony Robbins Coaching Sales Funnel Is Missing & What I Would Do Better If Tony Would Hire Me

  • [Tip #3]: How To Get Started With Your Coaching Using a Sales Funnel Template


This article is for individual life, business, or relationship coaches who want to learn how to build an automated sales funnel. I will show you how a world-class coach—Tony Robbins—attracts millions of customers and generates hundreds of millions in revenue through his online evergreen sales funnels. I will also arm you with a step-by-step process to create a high performing online coaching sales funnel (that converts even better than Tony’s ;-).


Interested? Let’s go!


But before I begin, let me say this…


I have never worked for or with Robbins Research Inc. or Tony Robbins. Everything below is based on my own experience as a Tony Robbins email subscriber. Tony Robbins is updating his marketing constantly. This means that what I share with you below might not be their most recent version.

[Tip #1]: Step-by-Step Walkthrough of Tony Robbins’ Coaching Sales Funnel Template That Generates Him Millions

Tony Robbins has many different online sales funnels. I wouldn’t be able to do justice to all with a single blog post. Which is why in this tip I am focused on two of his funnels:



But before we do that, let’s talk about Tony Robbins’ impressive segmentation process.


Tony Robbins Impressive Segmentation Process

Segmentation is super important to Tony Robbins business.


Just take a look at this screenshot of the ASKTony page.



He helps people in many different industries—business, relationships, performance, productivity etc. And within each of these, he has many different customer avatars with different problems.


Because of this, it is critical for Tony to know who finds their way to him online. Is it a CEO already making a million? Is it a college student just starting out? A person having love problems who wants relationship help? Someone who is insecure and wants to become a better version of himself? Without this, it would be almost impossible to give them the most relevant offer.


And Tony segments to impress. Just take a look at what happens when you click one of Tony’s email offers to start taking action:



If you choose business, you arrive at a page where he gives you an offer for business consultation:



If you click “take action” on that page, you will then be taken to this sales page:



This page has a CTA for a free consultation call with one of Tony’s people.


But if, on the other hand, you chose relationships and share that you already purchased the related online program, he offers his live event:



By the way, he also segments people through his main squeeze funnel. Let’s talk about that next.

Tony Robbins’ Main Squeeze Funnel Reverse Engineered

When visiting Tony Robbins home page, you see his main opt-in offer—a life assessment quiz:



Clicking this quiz gives you assessment questions around 7 different life areas. Here is an example of assessment question you would answer:




To get your results, you then have to opt-in:



This is doing two things for Tony Robbins. It allows him to:


  • Collect information so he can give the right offer to the right person

  • Collect email addresses so he can reach out over email to continue the conversation


After you sign up, he shows you a results page with recommendations. He also offers to help you fix your problems via a free coaching call.


This free coaching call doubles as a sales call where his coaches will sell his Unleash the Power Within Live event.


He even pre-frames this on the post-call sign up thank you page:



He also uses this thank you page to offer a frontend product—Ultimate Edge Program (totals $238):



Now that Tony has your email address, he begins sending you his main email sales sequence.


He sends you the first email 3 days after sign-up that goes to this article:



At the end of that article you get an offer for a free PDF: 



Above the fold on that article is a CTA to his Unleash the Power Within Event sales call.



If you click the CTA, you will see an offer to jump on a sales call for the event.


A day later, he sends another sales email.


This email is a more aggressive sales email with a total of 6 calls to actions. That is way too many calls to actions that lead to a very bad user experience.


This includes an image that links to


(1) See Tony live, get coaching, and product deals




(3) Supplements (he probably gets affiliate commissions on):



(4) Unleash Power Within sales page:



(5) Another Segmentation quiz:



(6) His FB Messenger Bot:




After this, he continues his email sequence with two emails every week. Each week he focuses on a different topic.


Here is an example of one of these emails:



The second email of the week is essentially the same as the first, the only difference is the subject line.


Here’s the email I received on Thursday:



And here’s the email I received on Monday:



All these emails have 6 offers (very aggressive selling too early in the customer relationship in my opinion, but more on that in tip #2). Then after a few weeks, he sends an email offering a 25% discount to his Unleash the Power Within event.



What is unique in all these emails is Tony Robbins segments his prospects further. He does this by offering a Facebook messenger experience, a segmentation quiz, or both.


Here is an example of how he segments further using a quiz:



And here using a FB Messenger Bot:



Another thing Tony Robbins is doing is personalization. The articles and offers you see in the emails are personalized according to the area you said you need the most help in the initial segmentation quiz.


Let’s talk about his blog post funnel.

Tony Robbins Blog Post Funnel

Tony Robbins not only creates blog posts for different customer avatars. He also goes a step further by creating content upgrades to get people to opt-in.


Here is an example of what this looks like for Tony.


This relationship related blog post:



…is linked to this assessment.


Like the assessment in his main squeeze funnel, to see the results of this assessment you have to opt-in.



After signup, he then continues to give people the same main squeeze emails I showed you earlier.

Main takeaways:


  • Include a segmentation survey in your lead onboarding process (on the main squeeze page + after opt-ins to content upgrades).

  • Create blog content for your different customer avatars and then use content upgrades or assessment surveys to get them to opt-in.

  • Segment your prospects deeper after they opt-in.

  • Every time you segment your prospects, eventually present them with an offer that is most appropriate to where they are at.

[Tip #2] What Tony Robbins’ Coaching Sales Funnel Is Missing & What I Would Do Better If Tony Would Hire Me

Now imagine if Tony came to me and said: “Hey Bastian, you are awesome. I want to hire you. Please build me an awesome Relationship Funnel!” What would I do?


I would keep the focus on segmentation. Since Tony plays in so many different industries, segmentation is key to his business. And he already does an amazing job at that.


That being said, there are a lot of opportunities to increase his conversions and revenue further by improving both his segmentation and what he offers prospects after segmentation.


Here are the steps I would take to improve Tony’s sales funnel template:


  • Capture emails of leads interacting with Tony’s content

  • Segment captured leads better

  • Qualify buyers by selling a frontend offer

  • Create and send a RBS

  • Get prospects to convert

  • Continue the relationship with an evergreen newsletter

  • Execute a multi-channel approach


Let’s talk more about each of these.

Step #1: Capture Emails of Leads Interacting with Tony’s Content

Tony Robbins has a lot of phenomenal content across the internet.


The first thing we would do it take this content and distribute it to more people. A simple way to do this would be by repurposing existing content for another medium.


For example, Amy Porterfield repurposed this podcast episode:



…into this SlideShare presentation:



For Tony, we could take any of his recent great content (such as this recent blog post) and repurpose into a Youtube Video, an Instagram post, a Facebook post etc.


Next, I would capture emails of the leads interacting with the content. This would allow us to gain control over the conversation. We can do this in many ways, but it all starts with pixeling people when they interact with Tony’s content. This means pixeling people who view his Facebook content, YouTube videos, blog posts, Instagram posts, etc.


I would then retarget those people with lead magnets & assessment surveys.


Here is an example of a retargeting ad ThriveThemes shows blog visitors after their recent visit:



I would base what I retarget them with on the type of content they consumed. For example, if someone watched a video about business, we would offer them a business-related PDF.  If someone reads an article about love, I would offer them a relationship assessment survey.

Step #2: Segment Captured Leads Better

Once we capture leads, we need to segment them so we can be as relevant as possible.


There are several different ways to do this.


The first way is based on the type of content piece they opted in from. For example, if they opted-in from an article on business we tag them as interested in business. If they opted-in from an article on love & relationships, we tag them as interested in love.


Another way would be by integrating a lead bucketing question before the signup. 


Here is an example of how we do this on the Wild Audience blog:



Finally, we can segment them further by giving them a 3-5 question survey. This would be similar to Tony’s current segmentation app. What I would do differently is to include it on the thank you page prospects see after they opt-in. I would pair the survey with an offer for a free course. Obviously, I’d relate the free course to the problem they told us they had right before opting-in.

Step #3: Qualify Buyers by Selling a Frontend Offer


I would then offer those who sign up for the course a frontend product.


Even though Tony already does this on his current thank you page, I don’t think he uses the right product.


He offers his Ultimate Edge program (total of $235.99). This is definitely a valid option but what I would test as an alternative is to offer a low price point, high-value frontend product. This would qualify the buyers vs the non-buyer quickly. It will also allow us to make ad spend back.


Here is an example of one of our frontend products:


Notice this is a light product–a 7-page PDF. It is also a very low-price point of only $12.

Step #4: Create and Send a RBS

Currently, after Tony Robbins captures lead emails, the only thing he does via email is selling. He is leaving a lot of money on the table by doing this.


If I were to create a funnel for Tony, I would repurpose some of his existing content to create 7 Relationship Builder Sequence emails (RBS).


I’d keep 3 things in mind with these emails:


1. Be relevant based on collected dataRemember the lead bucketing question we used in step #2 to find the problem prospects need help with? I would use the data to dynamically generate different emails for each lead bucket.


For example if we learned from the lead bucketing question that they had a problem with ROI/Conversions we will show the email that speaks to that problem and gives them a solution.



2. Install beliefs to prime Tony’s audience to buy from himOur goal would be to install the beliefs that:


  • Tony Robbins is a rockstar.

  • He’s the best self-help guru/businessman and personal development master on the planet

  • He’s the exact guy to solve my problems


This is simply a matter of repurposing some of Tony’s current testimonial content.


You probably noticed a few examples of how we do this at Wild Audience by building social proof via the RBS. Here is one example: 



3. Use Respect Based Marketing to get people engaged and increase your sales funnel conversion rate


Currently Tony bombards people with sales emails right after they opt-in.


Take a look at this email for example, it has 6 sales offers!


(1) See Tony live, get coaching, and product deals.




(3) Supplements (he probably gets affiliate commissions on):



(4) Unleash Power Within sales page



(5) Another Segmentation quiz:






After this, he continues his email sequence with two emails every week. Each week he focuses on a different topic.


Here is an example of one of these emails:



I would stop doing this.


Instead, I would do Respect-Based Marketing (RBM) to get people engaged first.


RBM is a term we coined to describe the process we use to engage people once they’ve become aware of our brand. It combines tried-and-true business elements like respect, relationship, trust and authority — with modern and advanced sales funnel automation.


It starts with the thank you page people see right after opting in.


Here’s an example of how we do this at Wild Audience:



We ask people for permission to help them more with the topic they just told us they need help with. If they say yes, I will then ask them 3-5 questions to further segment them. I would then customize the emails they get after that based on their answers.


Check out some of the results respect-based marketing has gotten us and our clients here.


If you want to learn more about Respect Based Marketing check out this video I’ve recorded for you here.

Step #5: Get Prospects to Convert


As each lead engages with the RBS emails, we would score them based on how much of the content they engaged with. When the lead conversion threshold is achieved, we’d offer a core product (lead scoring can be implemented in advanced ESPs like Wild Mail).


Again, the product we offer would depend on the segmentation information we collected. How we offer the product depends on the product’s price point. So for a $200 course, we would email them a sales page or an evergreen webinar. For high tier products like Tony’s $3k event, we would set up a call. For a coaching offer, we would probably create a video sales letter.


Here is how one of our frontend funnels converts as a result of this strategy:



Step #6: Continue the Relationship With an Evergreen Newsletter


After that, we’d continue having a relationship with Tony’s audience through an evergreen newsletter.


Here is an example of an email we sent in our evergreen newsletter at Wild Audience.



Here is another recent example:



Notice how in both cases we use stories to build our relationship with our audience by sharing stories and insights to help them with their problems.


While Tony has an evergreen newsletter, currently the only thing he does there is selling. He also reuses the same sales email with a different subject line in the second email of the week.


Instead, I would repurpose existing content to maximize the exposure. Here are a couple of ideas off the top of my head that Tony could send:


  • Story emails about how Tony transformed people’s lives

  • Links to Youtube videos showing how awesome Tony is at helping people who had the same problem

  • Link to Instagram pics so we could retarget them


As people engaged with the content, I would track their lead scores. I‘d set a lead score threshold. Once they hit the threshold, I would then send them an email every two weeks offering a related product.


I might also use the PS section of the content emails to build Tony’s social proof for his live event. For example, to those who have already purchased his Ultimate Edge Product, we might say:


I know you purchased Ultimate Edge. Did you know around 65% people who buy Ultimate Edge then decide to come to my live event Unleash the Power Within? You should do it too. Here is what Marie thinks about it (linked to a video of Marie sharing her transformation).”


Below the video, I would link to a free coaching call offer. In this coaching call offer, we’d aim to close them for a live event.

Step #7 Execute A Multi-Channel Approach


Finally, I would execute a multi-channel approach to speak to Tony’s prospects. This means I wouldn’t just depend on email to deliver the RBS messaging or to sell. I would also sync the messaging with a bot.


Here is an example of how we have implemented this at Wild Audience:



This is one of the easiest ways to increase the open and click rate. At Wild Audience, we have seen up to 97% open and 36% click rate on the 7th bot message using this strategy.


As I mentioned earlier, Tony’s audience is huge. The nature of social algorithms is that not everyone sees all Tony’s great content all the time. Which is why I would also use ads to retarget new content to anyone who has liked and engaged with Tony’s content before.

[Tip #3] How To Use This Sales Funnel Template to Get Started With Your Own Funnel


I hope that by showing you a breakdown of Tony Robbins sales funnel template I’ve convinced you that you too can create your own coaching sales funnel.


Here are the 7-steps you would need to take to get started:


  • Define your client avatar

  • Create a 10-20 page PDF as a lead magnet for that avatar (could be a blog post turned into a PDF)

  • Set up a 5-question segmentation survey—using tools like Surveyslam or Typeform

  • Create a 7-part RBS email sequence to installs buying beliefs—you can use Wild Mail or Drip for delivery

  • Create a sale page with a video above the fold that leads to an application where people can schedule a call with you

  • Jump on that call and close the client on a paid offer

  • Keep in touch with non-buyers using one weekly email (you can turn it evergreen for leverage). Include a free coaching call as the email’s CTA


And with that, I would like to end this article.


I hope you found it valuable & educational.


If you want to move on (& go deeper), I’d suggest downloading our 8 steps sales funnel ebook here.


Know Tony Robbins or want to let him know via email or Twitter that he should check out this article? You can do that here…




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