Account-based triggers

13 Sep. 2023


ActiveCampaign is introducing a game-changing automation trigger called the "Account Field Changes Trigger" designed to revolutionize B2B businesses. This innovation enables businesses to initiate workflows and personalized communications at scale based on changes in account fields. Marketers and sales teams can leverage this trigger to streamline their operations and enhance customer engagement. 


It allows for tailored notifications, targeted prospecting, and task assignments based on field updates, enhancing overall account-based processes and fostering stronger B2B relationships. Additionally, it simplifies the management of one-to-many relationships between accounts and contacts, enabling precise targeting and efficient engagement on a larger scale. 


This update empowers businesses to focus on the entire account, respond to changes with efficiency, boost sales efficiency through real-time automation, and trigger hyper-personalized sales touchpoints.


The benefits

For marketing teams, this trigger offers precision targeting for ideal buyers, allowing B2B marketers to execute more personalized communications for high-value accounts. 


It also optimizes lead management by tracking and responding to changes in account information, ensuring timely and personalized interactions with leads, ultimately improving conversion rates and ROI. In summary, the Account Field Changes Trigger and Multi-Contact triggering based on field changes across all record types supercharge B2B automation strategies, delivering exceptional experiences, optimizing efficiency, and unlocking new levels of growth for businesses.


You can read more about this here and you can also visit ActiveCampaign's blog for more product updates and make the most of the platform's capabilities!

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