Automation updates

25 Oct. 2023


Today we're talking about the ever-evolving world of automation and its significance for businesses seeking operational optimization and efficiency. 


Recent enhancements in automation usability have not only set new industry standards but also expanded the possibilities for businesses to harness automation's power. The article delves into these advancements, offering practical insights and a glimpse into the future of automation at ActiveCampaign.



  • The first enhancement covered is the ability to reference deal ID and deal title during automation testing, providing context to identify which deal triggered a contact's entry into the automation. This feature streamlines troubleshooting and optimization.


  • They also introduce dynamic clearing and resetting of contact fields. This control ensures data accuracy and enables actions like resetting a contact's status or clearing custom fields, enhancing automation precision and effectiveness.


  • Tag management improvements allow for platform-wide tag action updates, simplifying management and ensuring consistency in automation processes, enhancing efficiency.


  • A new date filter in the automation overview report offers deeper insights into performance trends over time, allowing users to make informed adjustments to improve automation performance.


Lastly, ActiveCampaign is working on customizable automation unsubscribe experiences, offering subscribers the ability to select email preferences, providing finer control, and enhancing the unsubscribe process.


In summary, these automation advancements are reshaping the industry, enabling businesses to save time and achieve better results. The future promises even more innovation, including AI integration and improved segmentation, offering exciting opportunities for businesses in an increasingly automated world. 


You can read more about this here and you can also visit ActiveCampaign's blog for more product updates and make the most of the platform's capabilities!

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