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18 Jul. 2023



ActiveCampaign is focused on providing an effective solution for gathering and organizing contact information. Their user-friendly forms builder allows businesses to create various types of forms without coding expertise, including contact forms, surveys, and order forms. 


They have exciting plans for the forms builder, with upcoming updates that will introduce more sophisticated features like conditional logic and multi-step forms. The company is dedicated to empowering users to create stunning, customized forms that align with their brand and make a powerful impression on their audience. They are laying the groundwork for these updates, ensuring a smooth transition and a solid foundation for future improvements.

From simple to well-designed forms

The updates include enhancements to the forms builder's customization options. Users can easily customize the design of their forms using CSS, with a larger code panel and an enhanced inspector mode for modifying design and visual elements. 


The forms toolbar has also been updated to a light mode, providing a fresh visual style and consistent user interface. These updates serve as the foundation for further improvements, allowing for a more cohesive and intuitive experience. ActiveCampaign encourages users to stay tuned for more upgrades and form enhancements, including customization options for fonts, field types, buttons, and more.


You can read more about this here and you can also visit ActiveCampaign's blog for more product updates and make the most of the platform's capabilities!

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