January milestones

1 Feb. 2023

Hey everyone, Bastian here. Let's see what's new this week.

✅ Our January milestones

January's gone and here at Wild Mail we have a new method to measure out our monthly achievements. We've divided our process into monthly and quarterly goals.


January's highlights are:


  • We've improved our Wildmetrics reports feature: we added new reports, the possibility to edit them, new Segment integration


  • We did German outreach (without the expected results)


  • We've modified our conditions for our Partner Program: you can check them here


  • We recorded 30 ActiveCampaign tutorials, on top of the 58 that we already had

Our goal is to hit quarterly milestones that will bring us closer to our yearly goals. January has been a very productive month, and next week we'll share our finance report.

If you want to know more about our work methodology, just let us know.


📺 New YouTube tutorial

Learn how to use ActiveCampaign integrations for your email marketing and automation needs.

We've shared our top 3 recommended integrations for ActiveCampaign in 2023. These integrations will help you take your email marketing to the next level and make your life easier. Get ready to discover the best tools to supercharge your ActiveCampaign account and improve your email marketing results.


January was quite a month! Only 11 more to go to reach our ultimate goals ..

Let's keep things rolling 🙂.

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