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9 Mar. 2023

Hey, it's Bastian here bringing you our weekly updates.

🌐 New Wild Audience website



We launched our new Wild Mail website in December, with updated branding and design; however, our previous website, Wild Audience, was outdated.


We have corrected this over the course of the week, and now you can see our new website:


What's the difference between Wild Mail and Wild Audience?


  • On the Wild Mail website, you have everything related to our ActiveCampaign reseller program (content, success stories, pricing, the newsletters we send, and financial reports).


  • On the Wild Audience website, you can check everything related to the team behind Wild Mail. It's a site where we talk about our philosophy and the values we believe in (if you've been following the project for years, you'll understand what I'm talking about).


To sum up:

Wild Mail >> ActiveCampaign
Wild Audience >> The team and the philosophy behind our projects.


Right now the website has little content, but we will be updating it over time.


Any feedback is welcome 🙂.

📺 New YouTube tutorial



This is our step-by-step video tutorial on how to create an ActiveCampaign drip campaign.


Drip campaigns are a powerful way for entrepreneurs and digital business owners to automate their marketing efforts and stay top of mind with their audience.


We'll walk you through the process of setting up a drip campaign in ActiveCampaign, from start to finish. We'll show you how to create and segment your contact list, set up automated emails, and track the performance of your campaign.


Whether you're new to ActiveCampaign or a seasoned pro, this video is sure to give you the information you need to create effective, automated marketing campaigns. 


See you all next Thursday 🙂.



What is Wild Mail?

Wild Mail is ActiveCampaign for European companies with extra benefits:

  • We are Europe-based serving European companies

  • Best-in-class ActiveCampaign training

  • Our free email analytics app for ActiveCampaign

  • Premium & localised support in less than 1h

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