Postmark triggers

16 Aug. 2023


In the ever-changing business landscape, effective customer communication stands as a vital factor for success. However, the use of multiple messaging platforms by businesses often leads to disjointed messages and an unsatisfactory customer experience. In 2022, Postmark, a renowned transactional email provider, became part of the ActiveCampaign family with a mission to streamline email management. They introduce transactional email triggers as a means to integrate transactional emails more deeply into workflows.



Automation triggers are pivotal in initiating automations and play a significant role in automating tasks, nurturing leads, and providing a seamless customer journey. Examples include starting an automation at a specific time, based on contact actions, custom events, or added tags. These triggers facilitate personalized and targeted communication sequences that engage audiences based on preferences and behaviors.

New Postmark triggers

ActiveCampaign's new Postmark triggers focus on transforming transactional email engagement into automation triggers. The initial trigger introduced is the "open trigger," enabling the start of an ActiveCampaign automation whenever a contact opens a transactional email sent through Postmark. 


This opens up various possibilities, such as adjusting contact scores, applying tags to engaged contacts, and sending follow-up messages based on engagement.

The benefits of using transactional email triggers include timely communication, enhanced personalization, upselling and cross-selling opportunities, building trust and credibility, and automation efficiency. 


By capitalizing on the engagement and relevancy of transactional emails, businesses can create a more effective customer experience. ActiveCampaign plans to introduce additional triggers to expand the scope of use cases, aiming to deliver a connected customer experience and a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey.


You can read more about this here and you can also visit ActiveCampaign's blog for more product updates and make the most of the platform's capabilities!

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