Q1 All Hands Meeting

20 Apr. 2023

Hey, Bastian here.


Let's have a look at this week's updates🙂.

🙌🏼 Q1 All Hands Meeting


Last week the 9 members of the team met, as we do every quarter, to talk about the projects we have been working hard on for the last 3 months.


In this meeting, we look at past projects and focus on our next goals.


The agenda was as follows:


  • Q1 finance update: we took an in-depth look at the company's finances, how much money we made and what we spent it on.


  • The future of salaries


  • Our Q1 achievements


  • Focus on Q2: our next goals for the next 3 months


  • Updates from Emilie and Pancho: both are trying out new ways of working


  • Words of appreciation for the Growth and Engineering teams.

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That's all for today, more updates next Thursday 🙂.





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