Sending #1 email everyday with ActiveCampaign, by BiomagCelia

3 Jul. 2023

Biomagcelia is a training company dedicated to helping people take care of their physical well-being through biomagnetism. They have an online academy where they provide training to thousands of students each month.


Celia Gómez took charge of founding the company when she learned about the amazing technique of magnetism and all the benefits it brought to her life. After years of practice, she decided to turn one of her greatest hobbies and passions into a real business.


From the beginning, email marketing was their cornerstone strategy, sending emails manually from Hotmail and Gmail. Growing their database was crucial in the creation of Biomagcelia.


To send emails at the right time, Celia set manual alarms on her phone to copy and paste the templates she had saved. She would copy and paste each email to be sent.


After reaching 500 contacts, the system crashed. Too many emails to send. Since then, she made it a priority to improve her email marketing system, which represents her main channel of communication and user acquisition.


"At the end, it's all about contacts, contacts, and friends".


After asking her colleagues, Celia was recommended to use email marketing tools, specifically tools that allowed her to create marketing automations.


The first one she tried was Mailchimp, but she didn't get the results she expected. Then she heard a lot about ActiveCampaign, and with new recommendations and a course she took, she started automating her email sends directly with ActiveCampaign.


With the recommendations she followed, she had everything she needed to start her strategy: sending one email per day without fail.

Favorite Features

  • Automations: Very useful for everything that can be done.

  • Integrations: Being able to add users to a Google Sheet is quite useful for analyzing information from a different perspective. The integration automatically updates the sheet from ActiveCampaign.

  • Sheepdogs: Getting notification emails when things go wrong is quite useful for correcting them in advance.


Celia's journey with ActiveCampaign has improved her business in many ways, especially when she completed her move to Wild Mail (in 2 minutes). The support and 1:1 attention she receives from the team are essential for keeping her strategy as optimized as possible.

The peace of mind of being able to converse in Spanish, receive support, and have local calls was vital for advancing faster in the technical challenges they had with their account. Today, Wild Mail is another part of her business.

What is Wild Mail?

Wild Mail is ActiveCampaign for European companies with extra benefits:

  • We are Europe-based serving European companies

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