Improving a Customer Journey with ActiveCampaign, by Bruno

3 Jul. 2023

Bruno De Figueredo is a marketing professional dedicated to improving sales funnels and email marketing strategies for other companies.


Bruno has been involved in marketing for years, and as a knowledgeable professional, he decided to specialize in an area to enhance his skills and attract more clients.


One of those clients was Gastona, who urgently needed to improve their Customer Journey.


Gastona is a company that sells toilet paper, a rather mundane product; however, they do it in a fun way (you can see it here). When the company contacted Bruno, they already had a basic email marketing strategy in place.


Both parties wanted to improve everything, but the tool they had in use had many limitations. A change was necessary.


That's where ActiveCampaign came into play.


With ActiveCampaign, a world of possibilities was unlocked, allowing the brand's unique tone to be effectively communicated.


Bruno was able to plan and execute a strategy that improved the Customer Journey, particularly focusing on enhancing user engagement and product recurrence.


ActiveCampaign was more than sufficient for this purpose, and the Wild Mail partner program, aimed at the European community, was also of great help during the execution. Bruno had an open channel of communication with their specialists to overcome any challenges at any time.

Favorite features

  • Goals: They are extremely useful, and we use them frequently at Gastona. They help us understand, for example, the effectiveness of the sequence that encourages users to upgrade.

  • Split automations: We frequently use this feature to conduct tests between sequences or even to show communications only to a specific type of customer.


Gastona has successfully improved its Customer Journey and recurrence rate. Bruno has found a new ally for the future.


The ability to experience ultra-fast premium support has been crucial in implementing Gastona's strategy correctly. Bruno has always felt supported since using ActiveCampaign with Wild Mail.


Whenever he needs it, Wild Mail will be delighted to assist, whether it's with account support for his clients or even additional help in acquiring new ones.


The partnership with Wild Mail is total.

What is Wild Mail?

Wild Mail is ActiveCampaign for European companies with extra benefits:

  • We are Europe-based serving European companies

  • Best-in-class ActiveCampaign training

  • Our free email analytics app for ActiveCampaign

  • Premium & localised support in less than 1h

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