How Maica Santander uses ActiveCampaign to help other therapists with their business

18 Oct. 2022
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Maica Santander is a professional focused on personal development 100%. She is dedicated to helping companies and other professionals in the fields of therapy, psychology, and coaching, to improve their businesses and make them more profitable.


This is possible thanks to the combination of her knowledge and experience in digital marketing, obtained in her own personal development business, along with all the academic experience she has in the field.


Her main goal is for more therapists and personal development professionals to be able to reach more patients and improve their quality of life.




Even though Maica is now targeting professionals, her beginnings were different.


Before that, she had to open her own therapy and personal development business aimed at patients. Although she didn't plan to pivot to a B2B business, those were Maica's first steps in the industry.


From that first experience, she gained an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise; From setting up a physical location to attend to customers to executing marketing actions to get more patients.


With her therapy center up and running and with so many strategies implemented to attract clients, Maica had a running business in a market she loved.


And as in any other sector, professionals surround themselves with other similar professionals, so she was in constant communication with other therapists, who were not as advanced digitally.


“They themselves kept asking me how I had made it so fast, what actions I was taking.”


One thing led to another, and many colleagues ended up insisting, and that's how Maica pivoted to a service and consulting business for personal development professionals (purely B2B).


The challenge

When she was forced to adapt her local business to serve her patients, the main challenge was to make her initial investment profitable, which was of utmost importance and left her with no margin for error.


To do so, she ended up defining a series of strategies and actions to avoid a false start. She avoided relying on a physical location to get customers, so she began training in marketing to expand her possibilities.


The goal? To have a clear sales strategy before opening the doors of her business.


The solution

Having studied a bit of marketing and sales before opening her business, Maica had plenty of time to wade through different strategies and approaches to get leads. She wanted to learn about the most updated methods most likely to get results.


It was there that she gained her first insights into sales funnels, online advertising, and most importantly, marketing automations.


“We were going to open for business, so to say, in September, and by June-July we were creating the strategy to make sure everything was going to work.”


From a physical business to a digital one

One thing she knew for sure: 


Her strategy should include email marketing since it was 100% linked to the contact information of potential customers. Sometimes you don't need anything more than a name and an email address to sell, and that was clear to her from the beginning.


Among all the tools she was analyzing, she chose the one with the best possibilities: 



And although she ended up outsourcing the tool to squeeze its full potential, firstly, she decided to become an automation geek to understand the scope of her actions.


There, she had two major breakthroughs:


  • She understood that she liked marketing a little more than therapy.

  • Everything she had done and learned could be used to open a new business and help other therapists.


And that's how the change came about:


maica santander webinar automation example.png


She went from having a physical business with digital tools to using digital tools, especially ActiveCampaign, to create a digital business offering consulting services.


The results

Between the potential she has found in ActiveCampaign and all the new tasks she has delegated, Maica feels more comfortable than ever.


Especially because of all the support she receives from the Wild Mail team.


“What I liked the most since I migrated, and what I still love, is your attention. That combination of a wonderful tool and the attention you guys provide is super special.”


Today ActiveCampaign is a fundamental piece of Maica Santander's business because that is where her database of potential customers is stored. All actions related to leads, and people interested in her services, are stored in ActiveCampaign / Wild Mail.


It is true that the market has advanced at great speed and new trends emerge every day, however, Maica confessed she feels very confident in the tools she has and the level of automation they provide.


“To be honest with you, I feel like I have it all automated with my billing and marketing tools.”


Outstanding results

  • 3+ businesses created and running with the same tool (ActiveCampaign)

  • Automated two important tasks: leads capture and storage

  • Freedom to continue automating new tasks



We didn't want to miss the opportunity to ask Maica what specific feature she would recommend to other businesses and entrepreneurs, and her answer was quite clear.


Local businesses and companies (especially therapists) should use the subscription forms.


In the past, Maica had been using this feature to share a form via a link where users can leave their contact details when asking for a specific service.


This feature has two major advantages:


  • It automates the sending of information depending on the service that interests the user.

  • Stores the data to capture a potential customer and close a possible sale.


maica santander subscription form example.png


Physical businesses have a lot of face-to-face interaction with leads that they have to digitalize somehow if they want to communicate with them. Usually, it ends up being manual.


With ActiveCampaign forms, this process can be done automatically and is totally natural for the user.


What is Wild Mail?

Wild Mail is ActiveCampaign for European companies with extra benefits:

  • We are Europe-based serving European companies,

  • premium & localised support in less than 1h,

  • our free email analytics app for ActiveCampaign, and

  • best-in-class ActiveCampaign training

What is Wild Mail?

Wild Mail is ActiveCampaign for European companies with extra benefits:

  • We are Europe-based serving European companies

  • Best-in-class ActiveCampaign training

  • Our free email analytics app for ActiveCampaign

  • Premium & localised support in less than 1h

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