How to use ActiveCampaign to empower people, with Más y Mejor

20 Apr. 2023

Más y Mejor is a digital company dedicated to helping people develop their potential in both personal and professional settings. With a focus on practical learning and effective strategy implementation, Más y Mejor has become a vibrant and constantly growing community, with thousands of students and followers worldwide.


Founded in 2015 by Juanmi Olivares, the company offers a wide variety of online training resources and tools, such as courses, workshops, and coaching programs, designed to help people improve their skills and knowledge in key areas such as leadership, productivity, personal finance, digital marketing, and personal development.


Juanmi tells us that initially, they were using Mailrelay, then Mailchimp, which were platforms that covered their needs at that time. 


But as they began to develop a more complex business strategy, with more products, more segmented lead knowledge, and much broader sales conditions, they realized that those platforms did not have the segmentation, filtering, and automation tools they needed.


They realized that ActiveCampaign was a solution to their needs due to its quality-price-scalability relationship, meaning that it is a platform that requires some learning at the beginning, but once mastered, the possibilities of scaling are numerous, and it allowed them to have more leads. The platform's agility was also a key point for them.


A few months ago, through a recommendation, they discovered Wild Mail, and upon seeing that the platform was exactly the same, but with faster and more personalized support, also with extra content, they decided to migrate their ActiveCampaign account to Wild Mail.


What they use the most is the functionality of tagging and segmentation since this allows them to reach their goals. It allows them to know which customers are the most active, the ones who have purchased the most, and with this information, know at what point in the funnel they are to be able to continue helping those customers, or to "clone" that ideal customer profile in the future.

Favorite Features

  • Automations: allows creating a very personalized path and also allows seeing at what point each lead is, the clicks they have made, and the behavior of the most active customers.


  • CRM: offers the possibility of having all the conversation history, data, social networks, etc. of the customers in one place.


  • Reports: allow checking the metrics periodically to know which automations or campaigns are the most successful.


ActiveCampaign through Wild Mail allows them to have a segmented database through advanced search filters to personalize communications with customers. In addition, the platform offers the possibility of delegating tasks among the different members of Más y Mejor to ensure a fluid and agile operation of this machinery for optimal results.


This, along with the recommendations of the Wild Mail team, makes the ActiveCampaign platform an essential tool for Más y Mejor's success.

What is Wild Mail?

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