How to use ActiveCampaign in a growth agency, with Product Hackers

17 Apr. 2023

Product Hackers is a company that offers consulting, training, and advisory services for startups and technology companies. With a multidisciplinary team of experts in technology, design, marketing, and finance, Product Hackers has helped several startups reach their full potential and grow in the global market.


Founded in Spain in 2017, Product Hackers focuses on helping its clients develop innovative, scalable, and profitable digital products and services using agile methodologies and business growth techniques. 


The company also organizes events and conferences to encourage networking and collaboration among industry professionals.


The real challenge for Product Hackers, according to Angel, began when they went from being a small team to a large company and saw the need to automate their processes since doing it manually or on a small scale was becoming very complicated, if not impossible. 


Information was starting to be lost through the cracks, and in the early days, they used Mailchimp for their database with very rudimentary campaigns. Also, when they went from a team of 9 people to one with more than 60, they knew that needed a tool that could provide them with the performance, functionality, and agility they needed for the different teams to work together.


For both internal use within the company and for its clients, Product Hackers began using ActiveCampaign, and then using the tool through Wild Mail.


The ActiveCampaign CRM provided them with great help in keeping their pipeline organized, both for Product Hackers and for their other project, Product Hackers School


Then, through forms and a good tagging system, depending on the prospect, they created several automated flows to provide the appropriate information and track each lead. The custom fields functionality also offers them the possibility of qualifying leads based on their characteristics to improve conversion and move the most qualified leads into the appropriate pipeline.

Favorite Features

  • Automations: one of the most used features that saves time and effort and sends the right information to leads at the right time.


  • Integrations: this allows them to unify all the information from the various platforms and applications they use to have very fluid processes.


  • Campaigns: the ActiveCampaign email editor is noteworthy as it has many customization options and is very easy to use.


For Product Hackers, ActiveCampaign is the CRM that allows them to have all the information unified in one place, and based on the different characteristics or needs of the leads, thanks to its automations and integrations, it allows them to provide an agile, quality service. 


They also highlight the cohesion that ActiveCampaign provides to the Marketing and Sales teams so that they are always well-coordinated.

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