Growing a Therapy Program using ActiveCampaign, with Programa Mia

19 Apr. 2023

Programa Mia is an online platform founded by siblings Sandra and Albert Ferrer that offers online therapy for women focused on mental and emotional health to help them reach their full potential.


Programa Mia was created in 2018, and as Albert describes it, it is an emotional health company for women. They achieve this through online psychology services directed exclusively towards women. 


The idea came from their sister Sandra, based on her own personal experience, and in 2018, she noticed that there was a lack of a safe space for women who felt that their potential was blocked to obtain the necessary help to overcome any emotional obstacle they might experience.


In the beginning, to meet their communication needs via email, they started using Mailchimp and Sendinblue. At that time, the two platforms met their email marketing needs, but it was limited to that.


When the project began to gain weight and grow, they realized that they would need a powerful CRM where they could store contact data and, based on that data, refer them to a specific funnel, an Excel sheet, or another software if necessary.


So, when the need for a good CRM arose and the need for a good ecosystem of available integrations, they decided to switch to ActiveCampaign.


Thanks to the wide range of integrations available in ActiveCampaign, they knew it was the optimal platform that allowed them to develop their database, have information stored in several places thanks to its integrations, control notifications of new clients internally, and thus ensure that each person who required their services was being well managed.


Then, through Wild Mail, they received the localized and personalized support in Spanish they needed to ensure the smooth operation of their account. In short, customer support is what has convinced them the most.

Favorite Features

  • Automations: especially, the automated email sending that ensures that every new client receives the required information instantly.


  • Webhooks: the use of webhooks through automations to be able to send information to any site whenever they need it.


  • Internal notifications: at the team level, it is a feature that they use a lot based on user feedback. Thus, based on that feedback, an email notification is sent to the corresponding team member.


Thanks to the multiple functionalities that ActiveCampaign offers as a CRM, together with the localized and personalized support of Wild Mail, Programa Mia can continue to work in a very automated way to ensure the best care for each of their clients.

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