How to Use ActiveCampaign Personalization Tags

13 Oct. 2022
ActiveCampaign personalization tags

Looking for a way to use ActiveCampaign to hyper-personalize your marketing for higher engagement, more conversions, and increased revenue?


In this video, I’ll show you how to use ActiveCampaign personalization tags to pull that off, plus why hyper-personalization isn’t just “nice to have” for your business.


In fact, these tags (which really aren’t “tags” at all) can be used in all stages - top, middle, and bottom - of your funnel to show conditional content to your contacts.


Let’s check them out!

Here’s an overview of what we’ll cover:

Why You Need to Personalize Your Marketing

  • Advanced personalization isn’t just a “nice-to-have”: These efforts see up to a $20 return on every $1 invested according.

  • ASK method - coined by Ryan Levesque, it allows you to feed a contact’s own words and choices back to them in your follow-up emails, landing pages, and offer recommendations

What are ActiveCampaign Personalization Tags?

Personalization tags are created automatically for every contact or system custom field you create.


They are used to insert dynamic content into campaigns, automation emails, email subject lines, sms messages, forms, one-to-one emails etc.


When a personalization tag is used in a campaign or automation email, the value of that tag will automatically be inserted once the communication is sent to a contact. When the contact opens the communication, they will see the value for that tag and not the tag itself.


Learn how to send a campaign in ActiveCampaign using personalization tags.

How to Use Personalization Tags In ActiveCampaign

  • Standard personalization tags which are available by default inside ActiveCampaign.

  • Create custom fields yourself which can then be used as personalization tags inside your content.

Modify Personalization Tags

  • Allow you to change capitalization of your data when inserted into your campaign. This is useful for ensuring that proper nouns, such as names, are capitalized and common nouns, such as objects, aren’t, for example.

  • Modifiers come after pipe symbol ( | ).


  • List of modifiers from ActiveCampaign:

    • UPPER (converts entire tag to all uppercase letters)

    • UPPERFIRST (converts first letter to uppercase)

    • UPPERWORDS (capitalizes the first letter of every word)

    • TITLECASE (capitalizes the first letter of every word, and forces all other letters to be lowercase)

    • LOWER (converts entire tag to lowercase letters)

    • LOWERFIRST (changes the first letter of the text to lowercase)

    • LOWERWORDS (changes the first letter of every word to lowercase)

Quick Notes About ActiveCampaign Personalization Tags

  • ActiveCampaign offers personalization tags for Contact fields (all plan tiers) and Deal fields (only for Plus, Professional, and Enterprise tiers)

  • Contact field personalization tags can be used to insert dynamic content into deal titles in the CRM (Plus, Professional, and Enterprise tiers)

  • Deal field personalization tags can be used to insert dynamic content into campaigns, automation emails, and one-to-one emails

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